Crate Hire

Fox Business Moving offer crate hire as a standalone service or as part of a Commercial Moving project.

Our crates are clean, sealable, durable, stackable when full and nest when empty.

If you need help estimating how many or what size crates you will require then one of our Team will be happy to help.

We can supply crates anywhere in the UK next day (as long as ordered before 5pm).

Barcoded crates can be supplied for projects where there is a need to keep track of crates, or assign specific crates to departments. This can help alleviate crates being lost or not returned.

Crates are a more environmentally friendly option to boxes as they are continually reused. This helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint and forms part of Fox Business Moving’s ISO 14001 accreditation.

For ease of reference we have listed below the five most sought after types of crates to assist you in choosing which would best suit your needs. However if you don’t see the type of crate you require below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Crates

The LC1 Crate: ‘Locker Crate’

The LC1 lidded crate is the smallest crate Fox supply and is often referred to as a ‘locker crates’, ideal for moving personal belongings safely and securely; commonly used in the relocation of hot desking environments. The LC1 hire crate is a heavy duty plastic crate featuring integrated lifting handles and interlocking lid. Designed to store or move items that are A4 or smaller in size. eg. paper, brochures, magazines.
Volume – 25l
Dimensions – length 400mm x width 300mm x height 306mm.

The LC3 Crate: ‘Standard Crate’

The LC3 crate is the most commonly used crate and is ideal for personal belongings and generic desk contents. LC3s can usually hold a full Pedestal’s contents, allowing for 1 crate per desk throughout the office. These crates can also comfortably store up to ten lever arch files and are perfect for moving a wide range of office items. These include folders, books, reports, CDs and other desktop items.
Volume – 80l
Dimensions – length 600mm x width 380mm x height 350mm

The LC6 Crate: ‘Filing Crate’

The LC6 crate is a meter long crate with an integral lid which is generally used for stationary cupboards, lateral filing systems, books and general filing.
Volume – 130l
Dimensions – length 1000mm x width 375mm x height 360mm

The IT3 Crate: ‘Flat Screen Computer Crate’

Specifically designed for the safe transit of individual flat screen desktop PC systems, the IT3 computer crate is widely used in commercial relocation with specialist use in lean production. The Flat Screen computer crate is ideal for packing a whole desktop PC workstation into with a single monitor. This ensures that the whole of the PC arrives at its final destination together.
Volume – 140l
Dimensions – length 575mm x width 485mm x height 465mm

The IT6 Crate: ‘Large Computer Crate’

Specifically designed for the safe transit of a large monitor PC systems or 2 x Flatscreen monitors, the IT6 computer crate is widely used in commercial relocation. This ensures that the whole of the PC arrives at its final destination together.
Volume – 165l
Dimensions – length 555mm x width 465mm x height 615mm

The SC1 Cage: ‘Security Roll Cage’

The SC1 security roll cage is ideal for packing awkward and large items into. This ensures that if something is too big for our packing crates we can still move the items securely.
Dimensions – length 850mm x width 735mm x height 1690mm

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50 Years of Experience

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